LevelUp Cyber Live – The Importance of Mentors & Mentoring


Here are the 5 Steps –

1 – Review your current Job Description and identify and opportunities. Create Development Plans (Two Technical and Two Leadership) to address the opportunities.

2 – Review your Development Goals with your Mentor. Do a Self Assessment of your Technical Skills and Leadership Skills. Use the 70/20/10 approach.

3 – Review your career goals. There can be multiple next steps or multiple steps in the same direction. Use steps 1 and 2 to identify opportunities and create Development Actions to address them.

4 – Create your Vision Board. You define the timeline. Print it out and post it on your wall so you can look at it every day and ask “What incremental steps am I taking today to achieve my goals?”

5 – Identify and apply for your next role! Be sure to ask for feedback.

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